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We like search engines like Google and Bing, but more importantly search engines like us.
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We’re so confident in our results we work on a month-to-month basis. No contract, ever!

Search Engine Optimization


  • Improving your website's visibility in search engines through natural/un-paid/organic search results is what we're known for! Pay-Per-Click ManagementAlgorithms can change monthly and doing effective SEO can be considered both an art and a skill. If SEO is not done properly in some cases, the search engines could go as far as de-indexing you altogether.

Pay-Per-Click Management


  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing is turning small, unknown companies into sales superstars overnight. Every day more businesses advertise on Google Adwords. Unfortunately this leads to a steady increase of the average cost per click (CPC). We've had years of experience learning the nuances and tricks to expertly manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns that help you find the most qualified customers at the lowest possible CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Reputation Management


  • These days, you don't even need to do anything wrong to get a bad reputation. Anyone can post anything about you to tarnish your reputation unfairly. Unfortunately, this is happening daily and a bad online reputation could mean lost business, opportunities or even respect. We have utilized strategic plans effectively in the past for many online reputation cases.


1. Pick the Target

The process starts with a lengthy discussion with you about your business and the prospective customers that you want to target. You give us a list of Keywords or Key Phrases that you think will help customers find you and we get to work!

2. Keyword Research & Website Optimization

We take the short list of Keywords that you provide and expand that list to include hundreds of variations on those Keywords that a customer might use to find you. During this time we also comb through your entire website and make sure that Unique Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Anchor Text, and Interior Linking are correct, optimized and communicate perfectly with all search engines. If anything isn't perfect, we fix it!

3. Keyword Effectiveness Index

We take the list we've built of hundreds of Keywords and run them through our Keyword Effectiveness Index or KEI. The KEI is an algorithm that helps us pinpoint exactly which keywords to target based on competition and search volume to get your company the best ranking possible for the most effective keyword there is!

4. Hammer the Keywords & Prove It

After we run our recommended target Keywords past you for approval we begin the tedious process of making sure that when someone types that particular keyword into Google that your company shows up on the first page, every time! Our process has worked for years, even through all of Google's algorithm updates and we send you measurable data via lengthy reports every month to prove it!



We're Awesome, and we've got the references to prove it!

We’re a small, well-oiled machine, and we believe that’s a good thing. We’re a boutique SEO firm here in Delray Beach, Florida not some giant company in some far off big city. No call center, no terrible “hold” music. We’re accessible 24/7 and know our clients well. Our clients must love this because they talk about it.

We also feel that instead of paying for a giant office and a lot of unnecessary salaries it might be a better idea to use those resources to rocket your website to the front page of Google and still be able to charge you a fair price for our services. We know that’s all it takes for you keep us around for years, like many of our clients.






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